Thirty Years On: 1864

ECM celebrated its 30th anniversary with this glowing report:

When the Edinburgh City Mission was formed, not one congregation in the city was known to employ and support a missionary; there are now at least forty congregations in town that have a salaried missionary agent, daily engaged in evangelistic work in some part of the city. Some years before the establishment of the City Mission, there had been as many as eight or ten individuals appointed to give more or less time to the reclaiming of spiritual wanderers or outcasts in various parts of Edinburgh. But there had been such lack, either of sympathy and support on the one hand, or of method and efficiency on the other, that by the time the founders of the City Mission met, the number of these earlier agents had been reduced to three or four, who were with difficulty feeling their way through a few of the more destitute localities. There are now not fewer than…. a grand total of 96.30 with ECM (p.12)


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