The Stirring of the Churches

By 1839 the churches were well aware of what God was doing through ECM, as it spearheaded outreach in the city:

In regard, indeed to the whole operations of the Mission, its indirect effects are at least equal to all the other good which it produces. Of these the most important is, that a missionary spirit has been excited in the city.

Annual Report: 1838 – 1839, p.11

Stirred by the example of ECM, churches and individuals set up missions and supported their missionaries, so that, including ECM workers, there were 30 in the field by 1839, whereas before ECM there were only about three (ibid.).

The fear of God seemed to accompany ECM workers as they sought people for the Lord in the dens of iniquity:

A sight of the missionary is not unfrequently sufficient to quell a riotous brawl, and induce the guilty wretches to rush into their lurking places, and, when he comes in close contact with them, conscience frequently operates so powerfully, as to induce them to admit the truth that condemns themselves.

Ibid., p. 56

A spiritual breakthrough was coming to Edinburgh:

During the past year the people of God have been aroused from lethargy……Sinners in numbers, not like the gleanings of the vintage, but like the firstfruits of a coming and abundant harvest, have been made to cry, ‘What must I do to be saved?’ And many have been added to the Lord.


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