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Post War Years and into the Swinging Sixties

In 1958 effective work began in the Inch, meetings being held in a primary school, and much District Work was done to reach the locals.

Hospital visitation was blessed by God in an extraordinary way, as many elderly people gave their hearts to the Lord Jesus. One ECM Missionary says: “……in Queensberry House, where we have seen many of the elderly people accept the Lord Jesus as their own personal Saviour.”(Annual Report: 1959: p.6)

And again:

“Many pages could be filled with the accounts of other hospital patients converted during the year.”(Annual Report: 1963: p.7)

One glorious afternoon no less than five patients came to the Lord……

Annual Report: 1965: p.5

It was also a very fruitful time amongst the children. One missionary rejoiced with a revival amongst them at a summer camp:

It is difficult to describe God’s moving that week amongst the children. For most of us it was something new to see children weeping under deep conviction of sin, and whole dormitories being moved as the Spirit of God came upon them. Children who were already Christians knelt in small groups and prayed for their friends. Praise God for this mighty working, and pray that the boys and girls, 113, in all, who accepted the Lord Jesus, may be protected from the evil one.

Annual Report: 1959: p.7

We read of the halls overflowing with children and of the mission in Burdiehouse in 1965, with 160 present on average every night. “Many hundreds of children are being reached for Christ each week,” wrote a missionary, and in the Inch, 500 – 600 children heard the Gospel in a three day outreach (p.9).

A highlight of the 1960s was Billy Graham’s Edinburgh Christian Crusade at the Usher Hall in 1966. The meetings were “sometimes overcrowded”, and “literally hundreds of people, young and old, (were) coming to a knowledge of Christ.”(p.4)

However, despite the obvious successes with the elderly in the hospitals, and with the children, and with the crusade, the Church began to realize that morality and indifference to the Gospel were beginning to spread in Edinburgh. The 1961 Report shares some of this reality:

Twenty thousand people have volunteered to be shot into space, and the reason most of them give is – boredom. Suicides, crime, divorce, and road accidents continue to break all previous records. The optimism of thirty years ago has given place to serious apprehension and gloom in spite of the fact that materially “we’ve never had it so good”

Hundreds of millions of pounds are spent annually on drink, nicotine and gambling, and now the authorities are thinking seriously of putting the clock back a hundred years by re-opening the public houses on Sundays. Mankind is sick, and the Gospel is the only remedy.


In 1968, The Inch Mission Hall was opened, and an address was given by Rev. Professor G.N.M. Collins, of Free Church College, and by Rev. Philip Hacking, of St. Thomas, a church which had closely supported ECM since 1842. In the same year, Rev. “Charlie” Main was appointed to visit the G.P.O. Sorting Office, in connection with the Post Office Christian Association.


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