Eternity chamber music ensemble

In 2006 Isolde James-Griffiths pioneered the Eternity Chamber Music Ensemble. As a professional soprano her passion is to combine classical music with the Christian message. Together with her husband Paul, they have sought to inspire and challenge the audiences with the spiritual lives of the great composers in music and narration. It is often forgotten that many of the greatest classical composers were either dedicated Christians, such as Johann Sebastian Bach, Handel, Mendelssohn and Haydn, or they were strongly influenced by the Christian faith in their compositions, such as Beethoven and Mozart. Often such men would sit by the piano and pray to God for heavenly inspiration.

Eternity has performed at many venues in Edinburgh, such as at St Columba’s Free Church, Canongate Kirk (The Royal Church), St Thomas, St Catherine’s-Argyle, St Peter’s, and Bellevue Chapel and in the Edinburgh Festival. In 2011 Eternity for the first time joined with a team of actors, to tell the spiritual history of the Royal Mile through music and theatre.