Christian Heritage Centre

Christian Heritage Centre

The vision of Christian Heritage Edinburgh is to inspire and challenge today’s generation by bringing the extraordinary spiritual history of Edinburgh to life. This can be as a result of a walking tour of the famous Royal Mile. As well as through our exhibition or lectures and debates in addition to DVDs and books. Also through the arts, such as music, theatre and dance. We seek to engage with our culture as much as we can.

Opening times: June to September. Monday to Friday. 2-5 pm. At 1 Johnston Terrace, opposite the Hub. Near the top of the Royal Mile, Edinburgh.

For more details, please contact Christian Heritage Edinburgh.

07985 070899


Or visit our Contact page to send us a message and view a map showing our location.

Chamber Music Ensemble - Christian Heritage Centre

Eternity chamber music ensemble.

In 2006 Isolde James-Griffiths pioneered the Eternity Chamber Music Ensemble. As a professional soprano her passion is to combine classical music with the Christian message. Together with her husband Paul, they have sought to inspire and challenge their audience with the spiritual lives of the great composers in music and narration. It is often missed that many of the greatest composers were dedicated Christians. Such as Johann Sebastian Bach, Handel, Mendelssohn and Haydn. Or they were strongly led by the Christian faith in their compositions, such as Beethoven and Mozart. Often such men would sit by the piano and pray to God for divine inspiration.

Eternity has performed at many venues in Edinburgh. Such as at St Columba’s Free Church. Canongate Kirk (The Royal Church). St Thomas. Bellevue Chapel. St Catherine’s-Argyle and St Peter’s. Also at the Edinburgh Festival. In 2011, Eternity for the first time joined with a team of actors, to tell the spiritual history of the Royal Mile through music and theatre. More

street cafe - Christian Heritage Centre

Street Café in Edinburgh.

Edinburgh is such an exciting city. Part of the ministry of Christian Heritage is to engage with both locals and visitors and to discuss the gospel. We have found that a very effective way to do this is through Street Café. Hence we simply set up tables in busy places and serve free hot drinks. Conversations about the Christian faith naturally flow out of this friendly approach, as a result thousands are reached. Street Café happens amongst students, night clubbers, crowds at pagan festivals, and local shoppers.


Faith Mission Bible College - Christian Heritage Centre

Faith Mission Bible College – Training.

People who work with us are trained up in sharing their faith. In addition an evangelism course is run for students at the Faith Mission Bible College. Students from the Free Church College also experience practical work with us. Furthermore we aim to establish a School of Evangelism for local churches in the near future. Apologetics is an important part of this training as we seek to bring the Christian message to an unbelieving nation.


The Gaelic King movie

The Gaelic King – movie.

Set in war-torn 800AD Scotland, The Gaelic King tells the story of warrior-king Alpin mac Eachdach. When his young brother is captured, Alpin must hunt the kidnappers though a dark forest that hides an ancient evil. This is an independent movie produced with passion here in Scotland, we enjoyed it very much and would like others to get the opportunity to see it as well. Please click on the image to view the movie trailer on YouTube (opens in new window). Click here to buy the DVD on Amazon.